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Cooling & Coolant System

Keep cool!

The coolant system and an efficient cooling are major topics for fuelcell applications. The Stack itself must be cooled heavily to assure functionality and reliability.

Our multiphase volume-of-fluid approach (VOF) is the perfect choice to simulate your coolant system. Local boiling or the heat transfer are being calculated accurately at a really fast time.


1D/3D Coupling with GT-SUITE

You are already using 1D Simulation to layout and optimize your system or components! Increase your accuracy by 1D/3D Coupling between your 1D Tool and SIMERICS!

As a result of coupling, difficult dynamic flow conditions must not be transferred to 1D. Take 3D accuracy by integrating your 3D CFD in 1D. For this purpose, SIMERICS MP provides an interface to GT-SUITE for direct 1D/3D Coupling. All hydrogen topics presented above can also be coupled as part of your 1D approximation.

3D accuracy in 1D time


SIMERICS MP is also first choice when it comes to the production of hydrogen. Our code is able to handle the compression of hydrogen by a dynamic reciprocating piston compressor easily. Physics like Joule-Thompson are also taken into account.

We are looking forward to your challenging project.

Please feel free to contact our global Sales-Team for more information!
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