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The modern and intuitive CFD Simulation Environment

SIMERICS MP is a modern and user-friendly 3D CFD Simulation Environment. With SIMERICS MP users can perform the complete CFD workflow within one GUI. SIMERICS MP is based on a “Finite-Volume-Method” and provides a high degree of automation combined with innovative solutions and robustness. Less CAD preparation and an automated mesh generation speeds up your process. In addition, SIMERICS provides an extreme fast simulation algorithm and MPI usability.

Complex geometries at difficult physics can be handled easily and fast.



SIMERICS MP features all relevant 3D CFD functionalities and physics needed to perform accurate and highly sophisticated CFD simulations. Our MP Environment consists of our automated mesher, fast simulation solver and postprocessor. With SIMERICS MP all kind of fluiddynamical or thermodynamical applications can be simulated and evaluated, also including multiphase flow, cavitation propagation or moving parts – SIMERICS MP is the first choice.

Comprehensive physics
  • Flow
  • Turbulence
  • Conjugate Heat transfer
  • Cavitation propagation
  • Particle tracing
  • and more
Accurate and Fast Simulation
  • Excellent correlation with experiments for a wide range
  • Fast simulation time

SIMERICS MP+ is our extension to MP!

MP+ features an unique and intuitive approach to simulate and evaluate pumps, compressors, valves, and other systems with moving, sliding, or rotating geometries. MP+ includes all physic modules and all preprocessing templates. As a result of these template, preprocessing is done in minutes instead of hours (or days). Our MP+ functionality speeds up the development process enormously which reduces time-to-market!

SIMERICS MP+ is our high-end CFD Solution.

MP stands for "Multi-Purpose"

With SIMERICS MP, all kind of CFD simulation activities can be performed and evaluated.

User-Friendly with an intuitive GUI

SIMERICS MP needs only one User-Interface for the complete CFD development process. It is easy-to-use and user-friendly. The GUI is completely adaptable which assures a perfect match. In standard configuration all functionalities and buttons are predefined in accordance with best practice guidelines.

Keep it simple!


Customer satisfaction is very important for us!

At SIMERICS you are more than a ticket number. We are permanently available for you – by phone or by mail. It is our corporate vision to work with you, not for you! We would like to solve your applications issues with you to your fullest satisfaction!

Sample applications for different industrial areas

SIMERICS-MP calculates volume flow, performance, efficiency, pulsation, torque, radial & axial forces and more. Cavitation, compressibility and other effects are taken into consideration.

Simerics-MP features the opportunity to simulate a complete system consisting of several components – our raw simulation speed makes it possible. Include system interactions by simulating the complete system!

SIMERICS MP features the opportunity to simulate hydrogen applications accurately. Difficult physics like Joule-Thompson-Effect are no problem!

SIMERICS-MP features the opportunity to simulate cooling of eComponents easily.

SIMERICS-MP calculates oil or temperature distribution in the gearbox or efficiency losses as a result of interaction.

Simerics-MP calculates all relevant turbo parameters like performance, efficiency, NPSH, losses leakage, forces and a lot more…..

With SIMERICS MP bearings and bearing systems can be simulated easily. All differend types can be meshed and evaluated. Bearings can also be taken into consideration at your system simulation.

SIMERICS MP features the opportunity to simulate cooling of a modern eMotor efficiently. Therefore, a coupled transient 3D volume of fluid approach in combination with a CHT simulation is being performed.

SIMERICS provides interfaces to several selected high-end CAE software tools for virtual product development.

SIMERICS provides CAD-PlugIns to several CAD platforms. We would like to provide Desing Engineers a foundation for taking important design decisions.

Volume-of-Fluid: Simerics MP features the opportunity to simulate multiphase flows accurately and fast. In case of maritime applications the propagation of waves or friction forces as a result of hull-shape can be evaluated and optimized systematically.

With SIMERICS-MP valves can be simulated dynamically. For this purpose, the equations of motion of the valve are solved in parallel. Outer forces resulting from pressure forces are taking into consideration to simulate the dynamic behavior.

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