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Using SIMERICS-MP, you can easily calculate basic information like volume flow or pressure distribution. Furthermore, power, efficiency, torques or axial and radial forces are being calculated. At all these investigations, physics like cavitation or liquid compressibility are taken into account.

SIMERICS-MP offers the opportunity to calculate a modern electric motor transiently. A coupled approach of a multi-phase fluid simulation (VOF) and a conjugate heat transfer between fluid and solid (CHT) is being used.


With SIMERICS-MP, the oil distribution in the gearbox and in the clutch can be simulated transiently. This leads to the opportunity to investigate losses or the efficiency also at an early stage of the project.


Electronic components need to stay cool! With SIMERICS-MP, you can calculate and optimize air- or liquid cooled electronic parts.


Opening pressure, volume flow or pressure losses – with SIMERICS MP, you can easily simulate stationary or moving valves.


No approximation!

With SIMERICS-MP, you can directly simulate the complete cooling or lubrication system, consting of pumps, valves, filters…… Our fast and reliable code leads to less simulation time and accurate results.


Volume of fluid – no problem!

Simerics-MP can easily predict complex multiphase flow conditions. Wave formation or drag coefficient can be simulated and systematical optimized. In addition, the movement of the ship is being simulated as reaction by solving the equations of motion in parallel.

Simerics-MP calculates all basic information of turbomachines like performance, efficiency, losses,……
The Turbomachine is our foundation.

Journal bearing, ball bearing or axial thrust bearing:

SIMERICS-MP can quickly simulate all types of bearing. For evaluation, lubrication, oil film thickness or volume flow can be evaluated and used for final optimisation.


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