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CAE Coupling & Interfaces
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1D/3D Coupling with GT-SUITE

1D simulation tools like GT are a really good choice for preliminary system layout, especially at an early stage of development.

In a 1D tool, all subsystems must be transferred to a 1D approximation. At most subsystems, this approach works well. However, in case of complex or instationary fluidmechanical or thermodynamical topic a 1D approximation is not possible without losing accuracy.

For this purpose SIMERICS provides an interface to GT. Our 3D CFD integration leads to highly accurate results. As a result of our fast simulation algorithm, coupling can be calculated in an appropriate time.

3D accuracy in 1D time

CFTurbo - System layout & optimisation of turbo machines

CFTurbo is used for layout and optimisation of turbo machines. CFTurbo provides the opportunity to export the preprocessed SIMERICS CFD model for simulation. In addition, our SIMERICS MP CFD code is implemented in CFTurbo software. Our raw simulation speed leads to the opportunity to simulation a complete map within a short period of time.

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